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Tuesday to Friday
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5:15pm to 9:30pm

Tuesday to Sunday
5:30pm to 9:30pm

Full Takeaway Menu Available | No Delivery Fee on Orders over £30

Local delivery as far as IM4

À La Carte Takeaway

You can still order your favourite restaurant dishes from our à la carte menu to be included in your takeaway. 

Just ask and we will add the dishes to your order.

Pad Thai Noodle Dishes

82    Chicken Pad Thai .....8.50

83    Pork Pad Thai .....8.50

84    Beef Pad Thai .....8.00

85    Prawn Pad Thai .....9.50

86    Egg Noodle with Chicken .....8.00

87    Egg Noodle with Pork .....8.50

88    Noodle with Beef .....8.00

89    Noodle with Prawn .....9.00

Chef’s Special Fried Rice

90    Thai Thai Special Fried Rice .....8.00

91    Chicken Fried Rice .....6.50

92    Pork Fried Rice .....6.50

93    Beef Fried Rice .....8.00

94    King Prawn Fried Rice .....8.50

95    Vegetable Fried Rice (V) .....5.00


Our pastes, marinades and sauces are freshly made, some of which are made ahead of service. Some ingredients used in these may contain allergens. Please inform our staff if you have an allergies so that we can ensure your meal is as enjoyable as possible.

(N) This dish contains nuts

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