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Vegetarian Starters

Thai Money Bag | Toong Thong (V) 
Fill your own mini-tartlets with our chef's special vegetable mix of stir fried sweetcorn, onions, carrots & deep fried tofu.

Vegetable Spring Roll | Po Pia Jay (V)
Homemade crispy spring rolls filled with carrots, cabbage & vermicelli noodles, seasoned with salt & sugar, deep fried until crispy, served with sweet chilli sauce.

Sweetcorn Cake | Khao Phode Tod (V)
Sweetcorn blended with red curry paste, eggs, sugar, flour & kaffir lime leaves, deep fried &  served with sweet chilli sauce.

Vegetable Tempura | Pad Tok (V)
Deep fried carrot, mushrooms, broccoli, green beans & onion rings in tempura batter & served with sweet chilli sauce.


Our pastes, marinades and sauces are freshly made, some of which are made ahead of service. Some ingredients used in these may contain allergens. Please inform our staff if you have an allergies so that we can ensure your meal is as enjoyable as possible.

(N)  This dish contains nuts
(V)  Vegetarian dish
(S)  Spicy
(VS)   Very hot & spicy - prepared on request
(GF)   Dish ingredients are gluten free

If you are concerned about gluten in our dishes please talk to a member of staff and they will help you in your menu choice.

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