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Thai Pancake (V)
Special pancake made from flour, pandan leaves, milk & palm sugar, filled with coconut caramel & pandan custard. Served with ice cream.
Chef's speciality dish.


Dessert of the Day (V)
You never know what Chef has made from one day to the next. It could be raspberry pavlova, sherry trifle or a chocolate mousse.
Please ask a member of staff for details.

Thai Style Bananas & Coconut (V)
This is basically bananas that are soaked in a sweet syrup & drizzled with coconut syrup. Served with ice cream & coconut macaroons.


Ice Cream (V)
Something for everyone. Two scoops of ice cream, strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. 
Please ask us as we may have special homemade flavours available.


Fresh Fruit (V)
A selection of fresh fruit brought to your table.

Thai Custard (V)
This is a delicious custard flavoured with pandan giving it a distinctive green colouring. It is very simple to make & is delicious served with coconut macaroons.



Our pastes, marinades and sauces are freshly made, some of which are made ahead of service. Some ingredients used in these may contain allergens. Please inform our staff if you have an allergies so that we can ensure your meal is as enjoyable as possible.

(N) This dish contains nuts

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